Why should I do business with you?

-There are many good gasification technologies that have a great deal of experience with wood.  There are, however, an extremely limited number of technologies that have experience with manure and other biomass fuels.  Coaltec has tested a variety of fuels in our commercially sized demonstration facility over the last seven years, and has two operational facilities installed on poultry farms.


I have a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) and have manure disposal problem, can you help?

-Yes.  Coaltec’s system is able to gasify a variety of manures.  The ability to make a project economically feasible is dependent upon a number of factors, including size of farm, quality of manure, energy needs, current manure management needs, etc.  One of the first steps Coaltec will do is evaluate these factors to determine the economic feasibility of a project.


Why not use a digester instead of gasification?
– Digesters can be complicated to operate, but their largest downfall is the end product, which is a very wet digestate that must still be dealt with; gasification, however, is a completely dry process.  One of the biggest environmental issues on a CAFO is the control of runoff and water discharge.  Therefore, adding water to manure is not a feasible solution for this problem.


We are an engineering company – do you licence your technology for us to build and run?
– No.  Coaltec provides solutions to customers, and is not just a technology provider.  The key to a successful project is not only the technology, but also the application.  We feel it is important that we are involved in the design of that application.


Do you sell any solutions under USD$1m?
– No.  Please see economics page.


Are you doing grant funded research?
– Currently no, though we have been involved in several grant-funded projects and are not averse to doing so in the future.


What kind of Permits do I need?

– This is dependent upon the state where the project is located, the project type, fuel source, and size. Many smaller projects don’t require permitting at all.


Can I generate electricity?

– Yes.  Coaltec’s technology does not produce electricity, but this is a modular technology that can easily be coupled with a power module to produce electricity.


I am interested in Carbon and Nutrient credits.  Can you help?

– Yes.  We are currently working in different states and with different organizations to obtain nutrient and carbon credits for projects.


Who are your competitors?

– Our competition is the customer’s alternative solution.  Our focus has always been to provide our customers with the best economical solution for their problem.


What is Biochar?
– Biochar is an extremely important component to the economics of many potential projects.  For more information, click here.


Is Coaltec a privately held company?
Click here for information about the company