Netherlands Swine Operation

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Update, October 2016:  Commissioning of gasifier has been completed.  The system is not yet operating daily, but successfully ran for a 3-day period, and produced energy as well as a quality biochar

Update, April 2016:  The gasifier and oxidizer were installed in January.  The customer is completing the installation of a hot oil dryer, and is doubling the size of his existing solids separation system.  This work is expected to be completed in May, and commissioning of the entire facility will begin then.

Update, October 28: Fabrication of gasifier and oxidizer is 80% complete.  Refractory work beginning.  Equipment will be shipped to the Netherlands in November.

Update, October 6th, 2015:  All equipment for the project has been ordered and fabrication is underway.

This project will be located in the town of America in the Netherlands.  The system will be located at a swine manure processing facility operated by Willems Agro B.V.  The Netherlands has strict manure management regulations, with no raw manure permitted to be land-applied in the country. The facility receives raw manure from swine operations at a typical moisture content of 94%.  It will be treated through a series of processes – solids separation, drying in a hot oil dryer, and the gasification process itself. The facility is permitted, funded, and is currently ordering equipment.  The goal of the project is to be operational before the end of the year.

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