Cow Manure



Drum Dryer, Ohio Manure Facility




Back of Gasifier

Side and Front of Gasifier


  • Manure handling and disposal problems will be solved by processing up to 200 tons per day of raw manure
  • Daily output will be 120 tons of dry, pathogen-free manure
  • 80 tons will be used for bedding
  • 40 tons will be fuel for the gasifier to provide heat for the dryer
  • Output from the gasifier will be 3000 tons of nutrient-rich biochar annually

Key Benefits

Heifers at Sexing Technologies

Heifers at Ohio Manure Facility

  • Does not require an operator to be continuously on-site
  • Allows remote monitoring and control of systems
  • Live webcams of gasifier running 24/7
  • Consistent reporting of operational hours, fuel burned, ash produced, etc.