Manure Management


Orleans, IN Project


Coaltec Energy is excited to report that we, along with our partners at Mavitec Green Energy, will be installing a new system.  The project, located in Russia, will use poultry manure as a fuel source, and will be operational in 2018.

August, 2017:

Our project in Orleans, IN has been in operation since May, 2017. We have been running using cow, chicken and turkey manures, as well as chicken and hog compost, as fuel.  We are awaiting growth results from EcoChar that has been spread on 240 acres of local cropland. When the Organic Rankine cycle is delivered, we will begin generating electricity. For updates and photos from the project, click here.  For a video overview of the system, click here.

March, 2017:

Current installation continues, system will be operational in April.

January, 2017:

Installation of equipment still in progress.  All primary components have been delivered to the site.

November, 2016:

Installation of the gasifier began in early November.  System start-up is scheduled for January.

October, 2016:

Installation at RVF in Orleans, IN is scheduled to start on November 7th.  All necessary permits have been aquired, and the concrete has been poured for the equipment. Gasification system is fabricated and ready to deliver.

Commissioning of gasifier at Willems Agro, BV has been completed.  The system is not yet operating daily, but successfully ran for a 3-day period, and produced energy as well as a quality biochar.

April, 2016:  Coaltec Energy would like to announce that they are entering a partnership agreement with Mavitec Green Energy BV.

Mavitec Green Energy BV is part of the Mavitec group, a privately owned company.  They are one of the world market leaders in the engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation and service of total solutions for the animal by-products processing industry. Mavitec also supplies raw material handling systems for the biogas and biodiesel industry.

With headquarters based in the Netherlands, they have international sales/service offices worldwide.  The solutions that Coaltec and Mavitec bring to their customers are very complimentary, and help to provide a more complete solution to many of the issues facing agricultural companies throughout the world.

You can find more information at

April 2016: Two new projects announced:

Coaltec has received down payments for, and begun design and fabrication of, two new projects.  The first project is with AltEn, and will be located at their ethanol facility in Mead, Nebraska.  Several components have been ordered at this time and fabrication is underway.  The system will process the Wet Distillers Grain from their plant, and should be operational by the 3rd Quarter of 2016.  To follow updates, check the projects page for AltEn.

The second project is with RVF Land Corp. in Orleans, Indiana.  The feedstock for this project will include manure from swine, turkeys, and chickens.  One of the outputs from this system will be power production.  This project has also begun and fabrication is underway.  Also, to follow updates, please check the projects page under RVF Land Corp.

For updates on existing projects, please see individual project pages.

Side and Front of Gasifier

August 15, 2015:  See Synergy Solutions page for current project updates.

August 2015:  Two new projects announced!  See projects page for more information.

June 2014: The cow manure system has been operating for 18 months with minimal issues. The system is drying manure on a 24/5 schedule, with the energy being provided by either the gasifier or natural gas burner. The gasifier is capable of operating on a continuous basis, but the method of operation is determined by the customer’s need for bedding, biochar, and the cost of the natural gas.

The biochar produced at this facility has been used as a soil amendment and as a component in animal bedding. It is also undergoing testing as an animal feed supplement. As a soil amendment, it has been used in gardens and in larger applications in corn fields. It has also been applied to golf course greens on two different courses, both in the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014.

Coaltec is currently working with potential customers on close to 20 new projects, located in 10 different countries. The economics for all projects are very sound and the fuels and energy applications have all been proven in the past. Some of the projects are viable with simply the energy benefits, but most involve some type of environmental component – either value for biochar, or environmental benefits such as improved manure management, reduction in handling, transportation, and disposal costs. Most of the projects involve manure – either cow, hog, or poultry, but there are also potential projects utilizing agricultural waste and processing waste. A few of these projects should move forward in the next month or two and updates on the progress will be posted.

See 360-degree photos of system and individual photos of gasifier.

Side and Back of Gasifier

Coaltec provides solutions for environmental problems such as manure management through the use of its patented gasification process.  Economic benefits of the system include providing:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Steam
  • Electricity
  • Animal bedding
  • Biochar
  • Alternate manure management strategies
  • Carbon and Nutrient credits
  • Disposal of Mortalities


Gasification – Energy-Based Environmental Solutions

Coaltec Energy is a solutions-based company providing answers and resolution for businesses that have large quantities of by-products, biomass, or other fuel sources. Gasification produces a clean heat from renewable biomass resources, coal, and various by-products. The resulting heat can be converted into a number of usable energy forms (see list above), through the use of readily available technologies.  Coaltec’s business model is to integrate gasification technology into agriculture and industry through conversion of available fuels.

Yield from the gasification process includes valuable energy (including heat, steam, and/or electricity) and formulated biochar and/or ash products that are significantly reduced in bulk from the original material.  The formulated biochar and ash products are dry, pathogen-free, and less expensively and more easily transported.

Current Projects

Ohio Manure Facility

Gasifier at Ohio Manure Facility

(April 2012) Coaltec Energy is pleased to announce that they have contracted to provide a gasification system in South Charleston, Ohio. Fuel for the gasifier will be cow manure that is produced on-site.

This system will gasify 36 tons per day of processed manure.  Energy from the gasifier will be employed to dry manure, which will be used for fuel as well as pathogen-free animal bedding.  Additionally, the project will produce approximately 3,000 tons of biochar annually.


                                                               Frye Poultry

Mike McGolden CEO of Coaltec receiving Award

Mike McGolden CEO of Coaltec receiving Award

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has awarded their first-ever Clean Energy Award in 2009. Coaltec Energy and Frye Poultry were recipients of the award for their poultry gasification project.  The award was presented on May 24, 2010, in Charleston, West Virginia. Pictured at right are (from left to right) West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, Mike McGolden, Josh Frye, WV DEP Environmental Analyst Gene Coccari, and WV DEP Cabinet Secretary Randy Huffman.

Josh Frye and Congresswoman Capito

Josh Frye and Congresswoman Capito

August 14, 2009: While on an energy tour of the state, West Virginia Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito visited Josh Frye at Frye Poultry to learn more about the gasification process.

2/10/2010 USA Today

Coaltec gasification project at Frye Poultry makes the Front Page of USA Today: click here.

The article provides details about the project and its benefits, even though the technology was mistakenly identified as incineration, rather than gasification.  Additional USA Today photos here.

Minnesota Turkey Farm

Minnesota Poultry farm Gasifier

Minnesota Poultry farm Gasifier

Gasification System Upgraded with Hot Oil Heat Exchanger to Provide Heated Air for Birds – Click Here to read article regarding Zimmerman Farm in The Furrow.

The system was designed and installed with a variety of features to maximize the manure to heat conversion process.  The opportunity to produce high-grade Biochar greatly enhances the projects economics.  For more details click here.